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College Poem, Eight Parts

I've just returned
from a three week hiatus
from writing poetry.
I was busy packing up my stuff
moving it to my dorm
lugging it up the eight flights
to my new room
meeting my roomates
and my floormates
I've also been busy
with the first week of classes
which is fine.

The floors in my dorm building
are co-ed
which makes for co-ed bathrooms.
The showers are not co-ed though.
Although there are no regulations
preventing inter-sex showering.

From the window in the laundry room
I can see the Bay
and downtown Oakland.
I can also see my brother's apartment
or, more specifically, his balcony
which is fine.
He let me borrow his vaccuum
when my roomate spilled detergent
and I have yet to return it.

Last night I discovered
that a majority of my floormates
are athiests.
They are also all very intelligent
except for the drunk guy
at the end of the hall.

One of my roommates brought
a blender
But she has yet
to blend anything.
I don't see why one would
have an occaision to blend
in a dormitory.
But she seems satisfied
to keep it on stand-by
in case of blending emergencies
and the like.

Here, I have no curfew
but it is not a good idea
to walk around Berkeley
alone after dark.
Besides, the only places open
past midnight
are the pizza places, the donut shop
and the frat houses,
all of which I try to avoid
for health reasons.

They don't blend the
iced coffee in Berkeley.
Not even if you ask nicely.
I don't see why not.
Even my roommate
has a blender.

There are many poets here
which is fine because
There are many poems
waiting to be written.
I will write some of them
And other poets will write the rest.
We will read and share and talk
We will publish and trade and critique.
There is always one more poem to write.
I think I will like it here
Not only am I in my element but
My element is in me.

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