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Jews do Disney
Scavenger Hunt

Here are the rules! There are six parts to this scavenger hunt. Unless otherwise specified, take a picture of each item you find. You have until 4 p.m. to complete the hunt. You’re on the honor system here – no cheating! Good luck!

How Good Is Your Jew-Dar?
--Find three attractions that were inspired by movies and/or television shows that starred Jewish (or part-Jewish) actors or actresses. Take a picture of each.
--Listen closely to find someone speaking Hebrew. Ask them to write their name in Hebrew below and take a photo of your group with your new friend.

Ritual Objects – at Disneyland?
--Inside one popular ride, visitors can see a menorah. Take a picture of the ride and write down below where in the ride you saw a menorah!
--Somewhere in Disneyland there is a N’er Tamid -- Eternal Light. Find out where (and why!) by asking park staff. Take a photo of the light and tell us why it is always lit!
--Where in Disneyland can you go to a Temple? Take a picture!

It’s In The Bible
--Somewhere in Disneyland lurks the villain from the Garden of Eden story! This animal is responsible for providing Eve with the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge, which resulted in Adam and Eve being expelled from the Garden. Find this bad guy and take a photo!
--Probably the most famous mountain in the Torah is Mount Sinai, where Moses received the Ten Commandments. Find three mountains in Disneyland and take a photo of each one.
--While trying to escape from G-d’s service, Jonah was swallowed up by a big marine mammal. Take a picture of your group being swallowed up by the same animal!

Jewish Values
Family – Family plays a very important role in Judaism. Find these family values!
--‘Be Fruitful And Multiply’ – take a photo of a family with one boy and one girl as per the commandment.
--Love – take a photo of a family with as many generations represented as possible.

Other Jewish Values
--Tzedakah – It is one of the most important commandments to take care of those less fortunate. Find a place where people give to charity. Take a photo!
--Hospitality – Abraham and Sarah were blessed because they were always hospitable to strangers. There are seven characters who have this important quality – take a picture of one or all of them!
--Honesty – “Thou Shalt Not Lie” is one of the most well-known commandments, and one of the most often broken. President Abraham Lincoln is known for his honesty. Take a photo of Honest Abe! Take a photo of the Disney character who got in trouble for telling lies.
--Conscience – Jews believe that each person is born with a Good and Bad Inclination. The Good Inclination, or Yetzer ha-Tov, functions as a conscience. Find the Disney character that also functions as a conscience and take your photo!
--Pluralism – Jews try to accept everyone for who they are, and respect cultural differences. Take a photo of the ride that exemplifies this.
--Patience and Forgiveness – It is important for us as Jews to forgive those who have wronged us, even when they constantly show us the worst sides of their characters. Find a Disney Princess who could teach us about this and take a photo with her.

It’s Trivial
Find a Disney staff person and ask them the following trivia questions. The group that finds the smartest staff person wins! You’re on your honor here, so no helping. Don’t forget to take a picture of your group with your staffer!
Who was Abraham’s eldest son?
A: Ishmael
B: Isaac
C: Goofy
D: Jacob

What was Moses’ sisters’ name?
A: Miriam
B: Yocheved
C: Batya
D: Daisy Duck

Which Dodger right-fielder refused to play last season on Yom Kippur?
A: Sandy Koufax
B: Hank Greenberg
C: Shawn Green
D: Hideo Nomo

How many years did the Jews spend wandering in the desert with Moses?
A: Ten
B: Forty
C: One hundred
D: Seven

Which character in The Simpsons is Jewish?
A: Marge Simpson
B: Otto the schoolbus driver
C: Moe the bartender
D: Krusty the Klown

On Your Own
Each group has five dollars. During the scavenger hunt, it is your job to spend the five dollars to purchase something or do something that exemplifies a Jewish Value. Bring this to the dinner and tell us about it!