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Online Resume for Rebeccah Birken, MAEd
Resume for Rebeccah Birken, MAEd

7923 Woolston Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19150

I Am:

A dedicated, passionate educator with interest in and experience with all age and ability levels.  Utilizes both formal and informal education models.  Committed to Israel and Zionism, creative learning methods, and connecting students intimately with their personal Jewish journeys. Proficient in word processing in both English and Hebrew.


2004-present       Reconstructionist Rabbinical College

Planned graduation in 2009.  Pursuing the following:

n     Rabbinic Ordination

n     Master of Arts in Hebrew Letters

n     KOLOT Jewish Women's Studies Certification

n     CPE Certification

2002-2004       Fingerhut School of Education, University of Judaism

n     Master of Education

n     Bachelor of Hebrew Literature

1997-2001              University of California, Berkeley

n     Bachelor of Arts, Religious Studies

Professional Experience:

2004-present  Beth Tikvah/Bnei Jeshrun          Springfield, PA

Mechina 2 teacher (third grade)


2001-2004         Temple Ahavat Shalom            Northridge, CA

Gimmel Teacher (sixth grade), Dalet Teacher (seventh grade),

Eighth Grade Teacher

n     Taught innovative Hebrew and Judaica lessons

n     Developed and implemented lessons on texts, holidays, and midot.

n     Lead family learning sessions

n     Coordinated large-scale Yom HaShoah service

n     Assisted in curriculum development

2001-2003         East Bay Ramah Day Camp            Berkeley, CA

Rosh Edah and Assistant Director (Summers)

n     Planned and implemented educational and recreational programs

n     Ran camp-wide programs and field trips

n     Trained and supervised staff members

n     Conducted creative and interactive tefillah services

n     Published camp newsletter

n     Taught arts and crafts and Israeli dance

2001-2002             Hillel at CSUN                                  Northridge, CA

Jewish Campus Service Corps Fellow (JCSC)

n     Planned and implemented weekly student activities and progams

n     Served as liaison to various Jewish organizations and other Hillels

n     Connected to students through one-on-one meetings

n     Started and maintained groups for Jewish women and first-year students

n     Coordinated year-end gala program for fifty participants

n     Advertised all Hillel programs on campus (daily tabling)

n     Assisted with holiday and Shabbat programs and services

2001-2002               Temple Sinai                                Oakland, CA

Hebrew Tutor and Israeli Dance Instructor

n     Tutored individual students in siddur Hebrew

n     Assisted with Bnai Mitzvah training program

n     Worked as one-on-one for challenged student

n     Planned and taught age-appropriate Israeli dance sessions

Additional Experience:


2000-2001               Study Abroad Program           Jerusalem, Israel

n     Studied at Hebrew University, Pardes, and Nave Yeshiva

n     Learned in two intense Ulpan programs in Hebrew

n     Participated in tutoring program in Bedouin settlement

n     Traveled extensively through Israel

1999-2001               UC Berkeley Lecturer                 Berkeley, CA

n     Taught two accredited courses at the University of California, Berkeley (The Textual Study of Women in Judaic Tradition and Mein Yiddishemama: A Look at Jewish Wives and Mothers)

1997-2001               Hillel Activist                                Berkeley, CA

n     Served on student board and various committees

n     Led services in Reform and Conservative minyanim

n     Started and coordinated Rosh Chodesh group

n     Served as liaison for Paamayim (Jewish LGBT group)

n     Received Tapuach Zahav award for excellence in Jewish education (two years)

n     Worked on the yearly fundraising committee

Additional Skills:

n     Proficient in Word Processing in English and Hebrew
n     Comfortable in various aspects of Hebrew language, including reading, speaking, and writing
n     Familiarity with internet publishing and web design
n     Experienced in desktop publishing and public relations materials

References Available on Request