Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? – Jewish Questions

Q: Who was considered the first Jew? A: Abraham * B: Adam C: Israel D: Bob

Q: How many sons did Jacob have? A: 2 B: 12* C: none D: 8

Q: Which of Jacob’s sons’ names means ‘son of my right hand?” A: Naftali B: Joseph C: Dudu D: Benjamin *

Q: How many sons did Adam and Eve bear? A: 3* B: 16 C: 1 D: 9

Q: Who was the mother of Ishmael? A: Sarah* B: Hagar C: Deborah D: Rebekah

Q: What was Abraham’s second wife’s name? A: Betty B: Hannah C: Alice D: Keturah*

Q: Which Biblical character’s name comes from the word ‘laughter?’ A: Isaac * B: Joseph C: Adam D: Bill

Q: Which two cities did God destroy in fire and brimstone? A: Sodom and Gomorrah* B: Sodom and Jerusalem C: Savannah and Gomorrah D: Sodom and New York City

Q: What was the matriarch Sarah’s original name? A: Susan B: Sarai* C: Eve D: Mary

Q: In what do we dip apples on Rosh Hashana? A: Ketchup B: Salt C: Salt Water D: Honey*

Q: What traditional Middle Eastern food is made of fried chick peas? A: Pita B: Tahini C: Falafel* D: French Fries

Q: What is the three-cornered cookie eaten on Purim? A: Mandelbread B: Hamentaschen* C: Macaroons D: Biscotti

Q: Frying matzah in egg makes what peisadich breakfast? A: Matzah balls B: Kugel C: Matza brei * D: Ham and eggs

Q: What notorious giant did David slay? A: Hannibal B: Jolly Green C: Samson D: Goliath*

Q: With what weapon did David kill Goliath? A: Slingshot* B: Catapult C: Sword D: Uzi

Q: Who was Rachel and Leah’s father? A: Adam B: Lavan* C: Abraham D: Rabbi Jordan

Q: Who was Abraham’s eldest son? A: Ishmael* B: Isaac C: Ham D: Jacob

Q: Who is the villain of the Purim story? A: King Ahashueres B: Haman* C: Pharaoh D: The Wicked Witch of the West

Q: In what scroll do we read the story of Purim? A: Megillat Esther * B: Torah C: Judges D: Megillat Ruth

Q: What is the blanket term for Jews living outside of Israel? A: Diaspora* B: Jewish-Americans C: Exiles D: Refuseniks

Q: What word, often mistranslated as ‘good deed,’ actually means ‘commandment?’ A: Tzedakah B: Kashrut C: Mitzvah* D: Boker

Q: What is the Hebrew term for a chapter of the Torah? A: Parsha* B: Sugiya C: Sefer D: Megillah

Q: Who is the only female scholar mentioned in the Talmud? A: Ruth B: Beruriah* C: Deborah D: Sara bat Asher

Q: Who was the only female Judge? A: Devorah * B: Barak C: Hannah D: Yael

Q: Who was the first convert? A: Ruth* B: Naomi C: Abraham D: Jesus

Q: What was Moses’ sisters’ name? A: Miriam* B: Yocheved C: Batya D: Jill

Q: During which holiday do Jews traditionally eat Matzah? A: Purim B: Passover* C: Shabbat D: Halloween

Q: What is the first parsha of the Torah? A: Bereshit* B: Haazinu C: Emos D: Shemini

Q: During a Jewish wedding, the groom steps on what? A: A glass * B: The chupah C: Grass D: His mother-in-law

Q: Which Jewish holy day translates to Day of Repentance? A: Rosh Hashana B: Yom Kippur* C: Pesach D: Tesha b’Av

Q: Which holiday is known as the ‘Birthday of the Trees?’ A: Tu B’shvat * B: Lag b’Omer C: Purim D: Shemini Atzeret

Q: Which Jewish director is responsible for “Spaceballs” and “Blazing Saddles?” A: Quentin Tarantino B: Steven Speilberg C: Mel Brooks * D: Mel Gibson

Q: Which Jewish comedian “gets no respect?” A: Rodney Dangerfield* B: Tim Allen C: Ray Romano D: Ray Charles

Q: Which Dodger right-fielder refused to play last season on Yom Kippur? A: Sandy Koufax B: Hank Greenberg C: Shawn Green* D: Hideo Nomo

Q: Which famous Jewish Dodger was voted Baseball Athlete of the Decade for the 1960s? A: Sandy Koufax* B: Brett Butler C: Babe Ruth D: Joe DiMaggio

Q: What Pesach song title means “it would have been enough?” A: Hallel B: Dayenu* C: Kiddush D: The Thong Song

Q: What nonsense phrase follows the lyric “if I were a rich man?” A: Bidi-bidi-bidi-bidi-bidi-bidi-bidi-bum * B: Tra la la la la C: E-I-E-I-O D: Yadda yadda yadda

Q: Complete this Zionist song title: “Yeryshalaim shel _____” A: Marak B: Zahav * C: Adonai D: Israel

Q: Which commonly used term does not originate in Yiddish? A: Kibbitz B: Kvetch C: Meshuganeh D: Fjord *

Q: The Hebrew alphabet is called what? A: Hebalphabet B: Alef bet gimel C: Alef-bet* D: Those funny letters

Q: The two Torahs are the written Torah and the what? A: Oral Torah * B: Ancient Torah C: Zion Torah D: Torah-on-tape

Q: How many candles are on a fully lit Chanukiah? A: Eight B: Nine * C: Seven D: Twenty-one

Q: What is the name of the candle used to light the other candles on a Menorah? A: Tzadik B: Ha-Esh C: Shamash * D: The bossy one

Q: What is the ceremony that officially ends Shabbat? A: Havdalah * B: Mincha C: Kabbalat Shabat D: Watching the Simpsons

Q: What Jewish power hitter played for the Tigers? A: Moe Green B: Hank Greenberg * C: Sam Donaldson D: Tony

Q: Who was the Jewish doctor that discovered the polio vaccine? A: Theodore Hertzl B: Albert Einstein C: Jonas Salk * D: Andres Cohen

Q: What Jewish author wrote “Exodus” and “Massada?” A: Leon Uris * B: Naomi Ragen C: Amoz Oz D: Faye Kellerman

Q: What Jewish musician’s real name is Robert Zimmerman? A: Rob Zombie B: Bob Dylan * C: Marilyn Manson D: kd lang

Q: Which Jewish musician wrote the song “Pianoman?” A: Eric Clapton B: Joni Mitchell C: Billy Joel * D: Garth Brooks

Q: Who was the hero of the Chaunkah story? A: Mordechai B: Jacob C: Judah Maccabee * D: Judas Priest

Q: What popular Hebrew girl’s name means “lily?” A: Shoshana * B: Talia C: Rahel D: Josephine

Q: What term used to describe a person’s move to Israel means literally “going up?” A: Bar Mitzvah B: Sheva Brachot C: Aliyah * D: Aaliyah

Q: What animal tempted Eve to eat the forbidden fruit? A: A pig B: A serpent * C: A cow D: Adam

Q: During what Jewish month does Passover occur? A: Adar B: Iyar C: Nissan * D: Mazda

Q: From which Biblical book do the lyrics for the song “Turn Turn Turn” come? A: Judges B: Ecclesiastes * C: Deuteronomy D: Lamentations

Q: Shalach Manot is a custom associated with which holiday? A: Purim * B: Passover C: Rosh Hashana D: Sukkot

Q: How many years did the Jews spend wandering in the desert with Moses? A: Ten B: Forty * C: One hundred D: Seven

Q: In 1492, the Jews were expelled from what country? A: Palestine B: Germany C: Spain * D: England

Q: Jewish of Spanish descent are called what? A: Sephardic* B: Ashkenazi C: Mizrachi D: Confused

Q: Which country has the largest Jewish population in the world? A: Israel B: United States* C: England D: Japan

Q: How many cups of wine are traditionally drunk on Passover? A: None B: Two C: Four* D: Seven

Q: For which holiday do Jews build a booth out of palm fronds? A: Sukkot* B: Purim C: Shavuot D: Veteran’s Day

Q: Which two characters from the TV Show “Friends” are Jewish? A: Joey and Chandler B: Monica and Ross* C: Phoebe and Ursula D: The Naked Guy and Emily

Q: Which doctor on the TV show “ER” is half-Jewish? A: Dr. Doug Ross B: Dr. Carrie Weaver C: Dr. Mark Greene* D: Dr. Peter Benton

Q: Complete this lyric from the popular song by Adam Sandler: “Put on your yarmulke, it’s time for…” A: Purim B: Shabbat C: Chanukah* D: Your Bar Mitzvah

Q: Which Jewish comedian starred in a “show about nothing?” A: Jerry Seinfeld* B: George Lopez C: Norm MacDonald D: Mike Myers

Q: Which Jewish actor played a rabbi in “Keeping the Faith?” A: Edward Norton B: Ben Stiller* C: Benjamin Bratt D: Neil Patrick Harris

Q: Which Jewish actor played a psychiatrist to a mobster in “Analyze This?” A: Billy Crystal* B: Victor Fleming C: Woody Allen D: Woody Harrelson

Q: Which of the following songs was NOT written by the Jewish singing duo Simon and Garfunkel? A: Bridge Over Troubled Waters B: Cecilia C: American Pie* D: El Condor Pasada

Q: What Jewish celebrity provided the voice for Iago in “Aladdin?” A: Robin Williams B: Gilbert Gottfreid* C: Richard Simmons D: Paul Simon

Q: What Jewish actor created the character Pee Wee Herman? A: Rick Moranis B: Gallagher C: Paul Ruebens* D: Ed O’Neal

Q: Which Jewish actor played Latke on the sitcom “Taxi?” A: Andy Kaufman* B: Danny DeVito C: Christopher Lloyd D: Tony Danza

Q: What Jewish actress played roles in “The Opposite of Sex” and “Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion?” A: Christina Ricci B: Lisa Kudrow* C: Natalie Portman D: Barbra Streisand

Q: This Jewish actor provides the voice for the cartoon “The Critic.” A: Hank Azaria B: Adam Sandler C: Jon Lovitz* D: John Barrymore

Q: Which Jewish singer popularized the song “The Rose?” A: Bette Midler* B: Celine Dion C: Paula Abdul D: Britney Spears

Q: This Jewish actor starred in “Honey, I Shrunk The Kids.” A: Steve Martin B: Rick Moranis* C: Tom Arnold D: Harry Shearer

Q: This Jewish actor’s character’s catchphrase was “That is highly illogical.” A: Adam West B: William Shatner C: Leonard Nimoy* D: Leonard Cohen

Q: This Jewish actor repeatedly said “Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.” A: Cary Elwes B: Andre the Giant C: Chris Sarandon D: Mandy Patinkin*

Q: Which Jewish actress stars in HBO’S “Sex and the City?” A: Sarah Jessica Parker* B: Jennifer Love Hewitt C: Mary Stuart Masterson D: Mary-Kate Olsen

Q: Which Jewish actress was featured in two Aerosmith videos? A: Alicia Silverstone* B: Mandy Moore C: Claire Bloom D: Bea Arthur

Q: Which Jewish director’s films include “A Clockwork Orange” and “Eyes Wide Shut?” A: Steven Spielberg B: Stanley Kubrick* C: Mervin LeRoy D: Frank Oz

Q: Which half-Jewish actress played Princess Leia? A: Janet Margolin B: Paulette Goddard C: Carrie Fisher* D: Dinah Shore

Q: Which member of the Rat Pack converted to Judaism? A: Frank Sinatra B: Dean Martin C: Joey Bishop D: Sammy Davis, Jr.*

Q: Which LA Kings hockey player is Jewish? A: Mathieu Schneider* B: Aaron Miller C: Adam Mair D: Jamie Storr

Q: Which famous Jewish director was responsible for “E.T.” and “Jurassic Park?” A: Robert Epstein B: Steven Speilberg* C: Herbert Ross D: Stanley Kramer

Q: This Jewish author gave us “The Chosen” and “My Name is Asher Lev.” A: Isaac Bashevis Singer B: Primo Levi C: Elie Weisel D: Chaim Potok*

Q: This Jewish singer and actress starred in “Funny Girl.” A: Tanya Roberts B: Cher C: Jamie Lee Curtis D: Barbra Streisand*

Q: By what name is the etrog, used on Sukkot, known to botanists? A: Citrus Judeaea B: Citrus succos C: Citrus medica D: Citrus Citronea*

Q: Which Hebrew letter is not found on a dreidel? A: Gimmel B: Nun C: Ayin* D: Hey

Q: The coin-shaped chocolates given to children on Hanukkah are called what? A: Latkes B: Sevivon C: Sufganyot D: Gelt*

Q: Who is known as the father of modern Zionism? A: Theodore Herzl* B: David Ben-Gurion C: Yitzchak Rabin D: Natan Sharansky

Q: According to Rashi, how long did it take Noah to build the Ark? A: 1 year B: 13 years C: 70 years D: 120 years*

Q: Approximately how high is the Western Wall? A: 23 feet B: 46 feet C: 54 feet* D: 72 feet

Q: Which of these things are NOT traditionally found on the Seder plate? A: Roasted Egg B: Shankbone C: Bitter herbs D: Olives*

Q: Who was the first King of Israel? A: David B: Solomon C: Saul* D: Rehoboam

Q: Which country smuggled most of their Jews to safety during WWII? A: Denmark* B: Switzerland C: Norway D: Italy

Q: Which character in The Simpsons is Jewish? A: Marge Simpson B: Otto the schoolbus driver C: Moe the bartender* D: Krusty the Klown

Q: Which animated television series featured a Passover episode? A: The Simpsons B: The Critic C: Garfield and Friends D: Rugrats*

Q: In what year was Israel first represented in the Olympics? A: 1952 B: 1964 C: 1976 D: 2000

Q: Which Jewish actor created the voices for Looney Tunes? A: Walt Disney B: Herb Steitler C: Mel Blanc* D: Matt Groening

Q: This Israeli actress’ most remembered role was in Star Wars, Episode One. A: Carrie Fischer B: Julia Louis-Dreyfuss C: Helen Fielding D: Natalie Portman*

Q: What fruits and vegetables usually compromise Israeli Salad? A: Cucumbers and tomatoes* B: Cucumbers and apples C: Carrots and cabbage D: Pickles and mustard
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