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Simpsons and Religion
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The Simpsons is television's longest-running animated show, now in its sixteenth season and with more than 350 episodes to its credit.  An overwhelming number of these episodes include at least one religions reference -- on The Simpsons, its either that nothing or everything is sacred.  This site is a small collection of religious moments from everyone's favorite yellow family.

This is a work in progress.  You will find descriptions of particularly religious-themed episodes, screenshots, a collection of quotes about religion, God, prayer, and the Bible, links to relevant articles, and links to episode guides.
Episodes will be cited by their tite, production number, and original airdate.


Above we see Reverend Timothy Lovejoy of the First Church of Springfield with the Simpsons family.  Although the Simpsons are some form of generic Protestantism, the show also has characters who are Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, Catholic, and let's not forget Moe the snake-handler.